Nordic Transport Ways

Transforming to Sustainable Transport in the Nordic Countries – and in Europe
Nordic Transport Ways

The Nordic countries have a unique opportunity to establish the Nordic region as a European and global model for cross-border cooperation. NAG Transport puts forward Nordic policy recommendations to bridge vision-action gaps, to show that business is ready to support a transformation and to increase the regions long-term competitiveness. By including all types of actors across the utilization chain of transport, from the production of fuels and electricity, to the manufacturing of vehicles and further on to the delivery systems of goods, the project takes on a holistic approach to the transport system. We already know enough to start the transformation; it is time for politics and business to take the reins.

Nordic Transport Ways is written by Nordic Action Group on Climate and Energy, a network for business, academia and civil society. 

Utgiven: November 2015

GU-rapport 2015:6

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